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In The Invisible Thief: A ‘Puzzling’ Mystery Book, small objects are going missing all over town, and neighbors are turning on each other over their missing items... but when Marty happens to stumble into his kitchen for a late-night snack, he witnesses something incredibly strange… he jumps into action, but is met by some invisible force, and locks eyes with the invisible thief!? Determined to get to the bottom of it, and get his belongings back, Marty investigates the strange disappearances in search of the truth!

In this book, kids ages 8 to 12 will join Marty in discovering the identity of the invisible thief, solving the mystery and puzzles along the way! Every purchase of the book will be supplemented with a plastic jar filled with puzzle pieces. Each page will have an indentation where puzzle pieces can fit, and the child will be instructed to find the right puzzle pieces to match the story and complete the illustration! I imagine this concept to continue into a series of ‘Puzzling’ Mystery Books including Marty or other anthropomorphic animal characters from this little town in the woods.

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