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My name is Rachel Owens, and I am a mixed-media illustrator and graphic designer specializing in publication design, with a passion for children’s books, editorial, and education. Being a military child and growing up all over the world exposed me to a diverse array of people, places, and experiences – enabling me to develop a fascination for people and storytelling as well as the way that illustration and books uniquely connect the two. This fascination encouraged me to artistically capture not only what I saw around me, but also the vivid world of my imagination. As I invested in learning more and more, I experimented with all sorts of materials and fell deeper in love with the experience of creating. My passion for art in general soon morphed and solidified, channeled towards publication design and children’s books.  

In my illustrations, I take a mixed media approach – utilizing a myriad of materials including colored ink, colored pencils, acrylic and gouache paint, modeling paste, markers, paint pens, graphite, textured papers, and digital painting tools – choosing whatever combination of materials and techniques I believe will best represent the story I wish to tell, in a visually stimulating and vibrant way. Texture plays a large role in my work, as I love incorporating tactile components that visually (and physically) reward the viewer, as I enthusiastically and creatively capture the magic of the world around me through bold and expressive collections of whimsical and stylized people, places, animals, and things.

Through my art, I hope to bring positivity, encouragement, and endless joy to anyone who encounters it. Afterall, my art is an expression of who I am, and I’ve always loved bringing happiness to other people. I have a desire to inspire and instill a sense of wonder in those around me, especially children. It is my goal to continue and translate this calling on a larger scale through colorful, whimsical, imaginative books and illustrations that instill a love for learning in all who encounter them. Ultimately, my hope is for my art to bring smiles to faces and joy to hearts!

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