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Hello There! :)

My name is Rachel Owens. I am a mixed-media illustrator & graphic designer specializing in Publishing, Editorial, & Surface Design -- with a passion for interactive & educational children’s content.

Being a military child & growing up all over the world exposed me to a diverse array of people, places, & experiences – enabling me to develop a fascination for people & storytelling, & foster a desire to create work that connects people, is useful & meaningful, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

In my work, I take a mixed media approach – utilizing a myriad of mediums; choosing whatever combination of materials & techniques I believe will best represent the story I wish to tell, in a visually stimulating & vibrant way.

Through my work, I strive to provide a welcoming experience that brings smiles to faces & joy to hearts!

Pineapple PNG.png
Pineapple PNG.png

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